KPIT Interview Questions

KPIT Technologies Interview Questions for Freshers
kpit technologies interview questions and answers
  • Final year project details 
  • Questions based on what we mentioned in resume. 
  • What is Union and Structure? 
  • What are storage classes? 
  • What is object and class in C++? 
  • What are functions and what is recursion? 
  • What is function declaration and what is function definition? 
  • What is a left outer Join? 
  • Query to find second max Number (Salary) in an Employee Record.

  • Reverse a string 
  • Copy constructor 
  • Shallow copy and Deep copy 
  • Write a program on factorial of number using recursion in Java 
  • Have basic knowledge of language you mentioned in resume 
  • OOPS concepts 
  • DBMS SQL query to find the substring! 
  • What is difference between Procedural & Object oriented programming?  
  • Write a code to implement Recursive Binary Tree.
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