Kony Interview Questions

Kony IT Services Pvt Ltd Final selection process done by Kony people in 2 rounds, here in detail, first asked me to introduce about myself and later discussed about my project as well as skills, they mainly concentrated on efficiency of algorithm as well as logic. They encouraged me to write the code efficiently, they have tested in many areas, and whole interview about Programming Nothing else.
Kony IT Services Pvt Ltd Interview Questions: ( Technical and HR )

  • C code to print a smiley with a changing expression based on an input from -5 to 5 where -5 is unhappy and 5 is happy. 
  • Calculate 2 power n, without using inbuilt function. 
  • The interviewer asked to merge two sorted lists to form new sorted list.
  • Basic sorting algorithms and puzzles.  
  • Implement queue using stack.
  • Reverse words of a Statement/String.
  • Malloc/Calloc?
  • Threads.
  • Asked to write code for counting number of words of how many times it is relating in paragraph.
  • Focus on all data structure such linked list, queue, and stack and also trees, tries, graph.
  • SQL queries.

  • Programs like printing elements of matrix in spiral form.
  • Reverse linked list using recursion.
  • C program to print a pyramid, OOP concepts, Data structures.
  • Questions on pointers.
  • Code to form palindromes from a given string.
  • Sort a million element arrays with only 3 possible values.
  • Dual signature concept in Information Security.
  • Operating systems - scheduling algorithms.
  • Print spiral form of matrix.
  • Final year project based questions.
  • All Basics of Javascript. 
  • Linked Lists.
  • Back Tracking.
  • Sortings.
  • Arrays.
  • Data Structures.
  • Code to form palindromes from a given string. 

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